Eye care

What types of eye infections commonly affect children?

Eye infections such as conjunctivitis, sticky eye and styes are common among children. They are often contagious and can result in your child developing ocular secretions and eyelid crusting. When your little one gets an eye infection, nothing can seem worse than having to wipe their eyes clean.

What can I do to clear the crustiness and discharge that may accompany eye infections?

Little Eyes hypoallergenic wipes are amazingly gentle on the delicate eye area. Alcohol, fragrance and preservative free, they are pH balanced to match your child’s own tears. Little Eyes lets you wipe away their tears (and whatever else is there) without causing more tears.

Little Eyes are ideal for gently cleaning away the crusting and sticky residue from your little one’s eyes and between the eyelashes. Each Little Eyes pack contains 30 individually packaged wipes. Each wipe is packaged in a convenient sachet ensuring it is sterilised, clean, and easy to use.

It’s important to wipe from the inside corner (near the nose) outwards towards the ear and to use a separate wipe for each eye. This helps to minimize the spreading of infections from eye to eye.

Little Eyes can be used as both a warm and cold compress. They are suitable for newborns from day one